Our Story





Our love story began in undergrad microbiology lab. Although Brant and I were at separate lab tables, he caught my eye with his outgoing personality and loud laugh. He says he noticed me for being the quiet one and he would catch me smiling at him from across the lab. After our mutual friends had us come over to their townhouse at the same time, we got to know each other a little better. It took me a while to give Brant a chance (he was unlike anyone I've ever dated before), but he finally convinced me to go on a date with him to a Cleveland Indians baseball game. After that, he stole my heart. About 4 weeks after we were officially dating (late April), Brant decided to personalize his senior class gift brick with "Will you marry me? B.M." He used that brick eight months later (Dec. 12) for his surprise proposal. Because my birthday was the same weekend and the graduate building on campus was newly built (we're both in the PA graduate program now at Mount Union), he planned a birthday weekend for me starting with giving our parents a tour of the building and the new renovations on campus. Little did I know, his whole plan was to propose. When we finally walked to the class of 2014 brick pathway and made our way to his brick, he stopped me and asked me if I wanted a birthday present early. When I said yes, he pointed to the brick, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Our love story continues with surprising each other between classes with little love notes, staying in and watching movies, and making dinner together. We are beyond excited to see where marriage takes us!

our story